Stylish production and captivating visuals back up the fast bars and lyrical precision of 40WitDat30, as hits like 200 inject heavy bass and sharp story-telling into the modern rap scene.

Hip HopRapTrap

From atmospheric introductions through the dreamy and hypnotic Nirvana, the sound emerges as delicate yet purposeful, with a clear sense of rising anticipation for dynamic as the story and melody progress.


Blissful layering of retro tones, joyful melodies, and warm, immersive atmospheric qualities – the dreamy embrace of Pullssar’s HOME makes for a refreshingly timeless hit of instrumental escapism.


Forever engaging new listeners with unparalleled vocal strength, fresh melodies and uplifting, energising yet inventive pop anthems – songwriter, artist and producer Estella Dawn takes on the topic of hindsight.