Lukas Pawluk’s album High Seas introduces an eclectic range of collaborations & sees the artist wander creatively through various sub-genres of rock & metal – all the while leading with beautifully poetic, compelling songwriting. This is defiantly a collection worth revisiting again & again..

Alt RockHard RockHeavy MetalMetalRock

Released on international women’s day of this year, Supernova deals with relationship trauma head on –  showcasing the abused directly addressing their abuser, and paying a mighty tribute to the me too movement of recent years.


True Love is a stunner, nostalgically rooted in the warmth of classic indie rock, but also glowing with its own sense of honesty and emotion; something that pours through thanks to heartfelt and quickly impressive songwriting. 

Pop-RockRockSoft Rock

Doug Ferony and his big-band sound are one of a kind at present, and this single is the perfect starting point for those who are new to his music or who are seeking out that authentic, historically rooted yet fresh and colourful jazz and swing aura. 


There’s depth & intention to the song – as was the way with punk-rock back during the dawn of the genre; the songs were there to rebel against societal ‘normality’. Conscious lyrics were reinforced by emotional & striking performances that were clearly connected to the words at hand. That’s precisely what you get here. FUCK THIS NOISE is an absolute anthem.

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