Leading with a rather intoxicating balance of distortion and melody, Brazilian artist and songwriter Guilherme Meirhelles delivers an evocative and creative fusion of styles, for his latest project Desvanecer. The album begins with a sublime instrumental piece, and later delivers the passionate and dreamy shoegaze single Desvanecer – an expressive and seemingly free-flowing title-track, which intrigues and immerses … Continued


Introducing a slick modern trap groove and anthem with a quirky twist. Seven year old Lil’ David is the rap prodigy creating out of Houston, Texas, a child star bringing the clean fun back to modern hip hop.

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HEating is the band’s latest single, a fast-paced and post-punk exploration of the inescapable cost off living crisis. What feels at first like a fun and perhaps quirky anthem and performance, soon evolves into a boldly evocative and devotedly heavy ode to the painful decisions being made by millions of families and individuals across the UK. ‘HEating or eating’ resounds from between the fierce crash of the drums and the chaotic meandering of power chords and bass.

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An explosive anthem from the helm of a multi-instrumentalist with a clear passion for great songwriting. Drummer and artist Marlhy explores and celebrates the highs, lows, and unique beauty of youth, with the infectious indie rock single Young and Naive.

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San Jose-born songwriter and artist Zachary Campos returns just weeks after the launch of his last EP Funky MC. This time we’re plunged into a deeply contemplative, self-reflective realm, for the aptly titled and inspiring wonder of Profound Knowledge.


Devoted ukulele rock legends Winchester 7 & The Runners are about to hit the ground rightfully running. Their brand new album The Waking Giant tackles an imagined yet poignant realm in which a savvy tech investor seeks to create a wholly AI-driven immersive world for the retired, the wealthy, and the doomsday preppers alike. The … Continued

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