Proclaiming give love and heal the broken, Human takes a vague and all-inclusive approach to exploring its concept – welcoming everyone, encouraging self-love and acceptance of things and people the way they are.


Verde Rose kicks off 2020 with an easy hip hop anthem that utilizes a few simple elements and layers, offering up a smooth hit of intimacy that more than lives up to the metaphorical implications of the title.

Hip HopRnB

The ever-impressive Jerad Finck has recently secured a well-deserved record deal with label AntiFragile Music. Enter a re-branding, a newly marked out pathway to success, and here comes some brand new music from a quickly memorable BLAZAR.

Electro PopPop

Fusing the set-up and specifics of studio life, with the debauchery and carefree mindset of an all-nighter, Where The Party At proves both nostalgic and fresh, hitting with simple intentions but showcasing the style and identity of Stony Boy in the same instance.

Hip Hop