The very idea of What It Is is to address those fine qualities that mean so much to us but that aren’t always easily defined by language alone. Jimmy Lee Morris does a grand job of addressing and expressing this by means of a lightly colourful and easily recognisable new song.


Something about the violin offers those traditional folk-rock vibes that make you want to head down to a live show at some Irish pub. To combine this with the already uplifting aura of a well-crafted, synth-driven EDM ambiance makes for something even more immersive and a total pleasure to listen to.

EDMNeo Classical

Carefully fusing a crisp acoustic guitar sound and a thick yet mellow drum-line, a uniquely recognizable hip hop backdrop supports this emotional rap flow and story-line from bich toe. 

Emo RapHip-Hop

Musically the song feels rooted in contemporary pop-dance fusion, but it’s the structuring and the progression through the melodic vocal sections that ultimately grab the attention of the listener and make for something easily memorable.


There’s a sense of identity to it, those contemporary hip hop layers are still present – the rhythm, the confidence, the leadership vibe and a sense of independence – but musically and indeed in the way POPMFS has structured this, the whole thing speaks volumes for originality and creative freedom.


Cross My Heart sounds beautiful, passionate & musically supreme. It’s memorable in a subtle fashion, not intrusive or irritating to have running through your mind – on the contrary, it feels soothing to consider the loyalty & love at the heart of the song; even with its turmoil & regret – that realness is everything.