The shared effect of these releases is that you get to witness both the high energy, polished presentation of a single, and the stripped back, raw acoustic set-up of an intimate live performance. In both cases, The Blue Artic easily meets the requirements of the moment.


Twelve tracks & not a single moment is filler or worth skipping over – far from it. I could listen to this three times in the day & not tire of it. It’s been a while since that was the case.


There’s something authentically original & creative about Acharya’s music – a sort of uninhibited, artful yet honest & deeply human aura comes through. Hopefully this is still just the beginning for them. In any case, Tilt is an EP absolutely worth the time it takes to listen. 

Alt PopIndie-Pop

David SweetLow brings together a gentle folk sound & a well-traveled perspective on this single Lean On Me. There’s an immediately delicate warmth to the track, the acoustic guitar picking & SweetLow’s near-whispered, smooth & heartfelt vocals walk hand-in-hand.

FolkFolk PopSongwriter

There’s a hypnotic quality to this extended musical journey that overtakes any need for structure or change. There’s a sense of growth, sure – the layers intensify just slightly, but you start to question whether that’s actually happening or whether it’s simply your mind making it appear that way.


DYLI offers up some blissfully mellow vibes on this latest single Cherry Coke. A simple ambiance emerges, a classically warm beat & a few distant synths bring through gentle colour & calm. Alongside of this, DYLI’s leading voice drives with a modern RnB style & tone.