Chughey keeps things personal yet welcoming, honest yet self-aware – intelligent yet real, often raw; always considerate. His work as an artist proves to be more and more impressive with each minute that passes by. The only thing missing is more, but it’s far better to leave your audience thirsty than to overstay a welcome.


The Grind is a great song, intentional and clear-cut in its purpose – fresh yet easy to connect with and relate to. The song is fun, performed with passion and a sincere love for the art-form, mildly theatrical and entertaining in every way possible – yet at the same time, still firmly and authentically rooted in that raw, real and hypnotic Americana sound that is so very easy to get on-board with.


Contrast is utilized within the language presented as both God and The Devil are referenced – and indeed as this journey moves through turmoil to possibility; beginning with descending from heaven and finishing with the idea that you’ll be protected.

Alt PopHip-Hop

Dust is a raw and beautifully raucous country-rock track that pays an emotional tribute to the harsh reality of life as a cowboy. As is always the way with Rob Georg’s music, the song deals with the real world – real feelings, honesty, passion and struggle.


Eric Abel’s creativity, talent and passion fuse beautifully on this latest release. Two Young Kids showcases the rising star at his strongest yet, pouring soulful vocals and poetic, reflective lyricism into the mix by means of a gorgeously genuine and capable leading voice.

EDMElectro PopPop

Lukas Pawluk’s album High Seas introduces an eclectic range of collaborations & sees the artist wander creatively through various sub-genres of rock & metal – all the while leading with beautifully poetic, compelling songwriting. This is defiantly a collection worth revisiting again & again..

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