This project is undoubtedly about the songwriting, that’s what stands the tallest. It’s a strong collection that will likely be enjoyed by fans spanning from the Eagles to the more modern day indie-rock bands of not too long ago.


Disobey is the infectiously energizing new album from hard rockers The Refusers. It’s loaded with songs that boldly bring together nostalgia & now, with impressive, expressive musicianship at every turn.


The entire anthem provides this elusive feeling of being on the edge, straddling these animalistic urges inherent to being alive, alongside the celestial steadiness of song. Music, especially the raw, groovy rock of DPS, taps into the chaos of emotion.


The very essence of rock & punk music was originally that connection shared between working people who had grown tired of the rat race & of living under somebody else’s thumb. Moe Green’s Eye bring all of this & more to their music.

Punk RockRock

His belief is that the power of art lies in its ability to inspire, to awaken & elevate our consciousness. Given the names of the tracks & the atmospheric experiences they offer – this is precisely the result you can hope for when listening through.