The song itself is precisely what you might expect, story-wise – little Billy is a little boy, and what happens to him is about as heart breaking as can be. From a musical perspective though, this single is far from predictable. 


The performance feels like a race down a highway, almost like Race to Neptune know they have the listener by the ears & can take you past your comfort zone. Abandon fashion, forget reservations & dance to this amazing EP while your brain races to the stars.


The song has a simple composition. It uses electric guitar, bass & drums in a solid combination that promises you a good time, and delivers. The bass links the play of the drums & the grungy electric guitar with a liquid warmth that is also reminiscent of a quality found in Fitzgerald’s voice.


The guitar work is perfect, simple yet effective, instantly recognisable after even just a single listen. Soon enough, the song’s lyrics start to take hold, sinking in with the emotional depth of something incredibly real & heartfelt.

Indie RockRock

From the kid in the basement trying to get the fingering just right on his new B.C. Rich, to the hardened metal-head listening for the thousandth time: Wicked World is bound to be the track kept on repeat for the better part of the summer, and kept at the top of the playlist for good. 

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