Ever the unpredictable and unconfined artist, Vidal drives with creative freedom throughout this single. The Devil’s Eyes is a simple piece stylistically, but it holds multiple layers of conceptual depth that stand all the more tall as the track progresses.

Alt PopHip Hop

The whole thing speaks volumes on behalf of authenticity, passion, and professionalism. And with the new EP fresh on the scene as well, Kris Savage rightfully shows no signs of slowing down.

Hip HopPopRnB

Striking back with a quicker flow and more poetic intention than ever before, Pegasus’ latest single is a provocative hit of story-telling alongside a dark and hypnotic soundscape.

Hip Hop

Clearly an artist unconfined by industry expectation or current trends, driven by his own talent and passion for the process, TEMPLES makes for a fine and timeless introduction to Veezaspitz.

Hip Hop

There’s a modern, familiar feel to the sound, to many of the references, but Mookey manages to keep things fresh elsewhere with simple touches of character that help make this a fresh hip hop anthem with an addictive groove.

DancehallHip Hop