Indiana’s Louie Hefna has this down to a T. The raspy tone of his voice, the softness with which its delivered, blends hypnotically with the easy-going nature of the soundscape.

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Blending an other-worldly use of effects for a dreamlike contemporary rap and RnB sound, with a surprisingly detailed manner of story-telling, South Africa’s M.A.T.T offers intimacy and late-night, calming vibes with his new EP Majestic.

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Tha Crown and Mista Marcus captivate brilliantly with this single. Not only is Welcome To My City a hard-hitting and impressive hip hop anthem, but it draws to light a topic far too often left in the dark. Pouring through with a quickly haunting, memorable riff, and heavy beat that promises a cutting rap flow … Continued

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Broke’s message is elegantly communicated here, and the smart production and mixing makes the aspirational-lifestyle cage a highly polished and attractive one.

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SC’s brand new release Shock Combat HD emerges as the deluxe version of the album, complete with 21 original tracks and mixes, each once a further testament to the style and skill of the artist.

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