Songs like Pale Blue are the sort that have been so meticulously and considerately crafted, that the track in full, and indeed repeated a fair few times afterwards, is where the real magic of the experience lies.

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Fresh from the album of the same name, Shambhu’s Lilac Skies introduces the jazz guitarist as an artist with a fine ear for delicate melodies and soundscapes that embrace and calm an audience.


Following on from a string of impressive releases, Go showcases the undeniable sound of the artist by means of a quickly entrancing, uplifting soundscape, and a song that holds close to its own heartfelt, ambitious and motivational intentions; right the way through. 


This humble and genuine approach to pop is rare these days, but it works well – the openness connects in a valuable fashion. For all of these reasons and more, Maddie Lynn is well on her way to having an enjoyable and treasured catalogue of inspiring, uplifting songs.


Blasting After Ours at volume is an easy thing, the collaborative EP from renowned artists Blvff and K-Son is quick to impress with soulful melodies, thoughtful rhymes, and blissfully dreamlike, seductive soundscapes. Whatever you liked about each artist individually is magnified on this project – a match well-made, and a pleasure to listen to.


It’s a rather poignant and relevant topic in today’s world – the age of Instagram and image-led success – perhaps songs and art of this nature will help remind us all of the real value in life, and the qualities and beauties that we can indeed hold on to.


Kfir’s Outta Love is a huge song, one that takes its time to kick in but offers a powerful sense of rising anticipation and passion as it progresses.


There’s a humble air of authenticity to this album that makes it a reliable and deeply appealing project. Font Leroy is not out here shouting for attention or desperate for views. Instead, he’s making music that means something to him, that he himself is a fan of, and for these reasons the entire album works perfectly.

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