DeeZire are a duo with voices designed for precisely the kind of smooth and soulful RnB vibes presented on this single. All Night Long is a gorgeously ambient track with a classically warm aura and some likable levels of nostalgia – the sort that easily take you somewhere calm and comforted. 


Considering the influx of simple, repetitive rap of late, a release like this stands out for its stylish back and forth between characters and for the notable level of space within the music.


Almost reaching the five minute mark, this single is one of the most well-crafted & considerate reggae releases of recent years. Yardie is something of a grower, for sure – those classic vibes generally either win you over from the offset or they don’t, but in this case the song grows more entrancing & enjoyable the further along you get.


Rose has the addictive qualities of an alternative hit, complex in terms of the details & the thought that’s gone into it, but simple in terms of the melody & the overall vibe & sound you take away. Undoubtedly a top track from the whole of 2018 so far. Incredibly clever, catchy, stylish, and refreshingly unique right now.

Alt PopHip-HopReggaeRnBSoul

Rudy Slug’s sound is the sort that makes you happy to listen to every bar as it pours through. The leading voice is somehow both smooth & gritty, effortlessly rhythmic in adding a captivating quality to an already calming ambiance.


Relationships are rarely all smiles & selfies, as is often portrayed. Morris’ sense of realism is refreshing & that empowering element runs deep. The song builds slowly but surely, and it’s totally satisfying in the process.