Keeping the authentic reggae vibes alive & shining brightly, Jah Cure offers the genuine sound & vibe of the genre alongside of heartfelt songwriting & a distinctive, passionate performance. A beautiful track, easily memorable & totally uplifting.


Thoughtful words summon everyone to rise up from the depths of possessive & negative emotion, bolstering the idea that humans can indeed master their wild lions of passion. One can decide to swim in the dark & blame others for their emotional anguish, or Rise Up.


Sam Xhri6 is an artist whose sound fits beautifully into the modern RnB-pop-fusion world as well as offering a distinct level of character & freshness that really helps this latest single shine brightly.


The feel of the music is the sort that uplifts in itself – reggae has a way of making even the most melancholy of topics seem a little lighter or easier to handle. Everything about the release seeks to uplift & inspire hope.