The organic musicality & the genuine, emotional sound of Erhard’s voice drive the song’s sentiment in a uniquely appealing way – his whispers draw you in, and those bigger moments hit with flawless impact thanks to contrast & his unwavering ability to deliver.


Flawlessly produced, You by OCNS fades in & dissolves out like pages in an incredible epic, as if one is opening a book to an amazing page-turner that requires no page turning, just elegant listening.

PopSoft Rock

Nadel Paris is no stranger to creativity & this song highlights her awareness of what works in pop music, as well as her passion for singing & her desire to promote love & peacefulness. It speaks proudly on behalf of possibility & of enjoying life as much as possible. 


It’s always commendable when artists put in the consistent effort & attentiveness to complete a full length project like this. There’s so much more to relate to & to get lost within on an album, as opposed to a shorter EP or single.


For a soundscape made up primarily of voices & a uniquely thick, organic big beat, Shadows Fade is a surprisingly atmospheric piece of music & writing that’s an easy joy to listen to.


Having instantly caught the attention of music fans & critics alike at the start of this year with his single Your Eyes, his newest release, Could You Be The One is considerably EDM-pop driven & easily his best track to date.


Project North, having already connected with several key players in the industry as they’ve grown into the artists they are today, are perhaps paving the way for the UK EDM movement, with releases such as their latest single Think Twice.