From the opening moments, from the immediate connection between the EP title and the very first lines of the starting track, Knotice1k makes waves emotionally – the words reach out with quiet contemplation and unignorable poignancy. Blend in a stripped-back, ambient and cleanly mixed production style, and subtle yet satisfying melodies to meet with the … Continued

EmoHip Hop

Fast bars and creative ambiances, blending the weight and bass of industrial trap with a reverb-kissed wash of ethereal calm – Luh Rocket BANG takes the hip hop scene by storm with the brand new anthem EAT.

Hip HopTrap

Faultless lyrical outpourings captivate with ease as the blissful and gripping, deeply moving and poetic Therapy Session kicks off the brand new EP A Lonely Winter from an unforgettable IJ The Kid.

Hip Hop