Oscar Bunnik impresses in an instant with this infectiously engaging debut release. Right from the start we get a soundscape and hook that quickly draw you in – a smooth bounce of a beat, crystal clear production, and a soulful vocal that delivers a seductive and memorable melody in a catchy yet calming, summer-anthem sort … Continued

Hip Hop

Following a string of indie album releases that have essentially re-worked the same song ten times over, Matteu$$’ project Slum! is a refreshingly eclectic playlist, which introduces a versatile, thoughtful and skilful hip hop artist with an unstoppable drive to succeed.

Hip Hop

Electronic duo Black Lab have crafted a deeply emotive, cinematic beauty for this latest single. From mellow beginnings, soaked in anticipation, a softly expressive vocal rides alongside a wash of synths, a rising and falling riff melody, and a light trip-hop beat, to lay bare a scene – the start of the story. Soon enough … Continued

A quirky concept made relatable and memorable, plenty of energy and bounce, a striking bit of artwork. Off Gate does everything it needs to do, and it does so in a stylish, surprinsgly quiet, non-intrusive manner.

Hip HopTrap