A colourful and fairly classic hip hop vibe meets with an uplifting and melodic soundscape, decidedly and intentionally retro, reminiscent of the nineties, and creating precisely those beach-side vibes and the rhythmic embrace designed to get you feeling good.


Savesomeone’s voice offers a fitting level of calm and quiet confidence. There’s honesty in the lyrics, vulnerability even, and this, combined with a notably minimalist backdrop, means the performance manages to connect well.

Alt PopHip-Hop

A pristine and professional soundscape creates a trip-hop-like ambiance, a peaceful moment of escapism. Alongside this you get Kenni’s seemingly free-style vocal melody, meandering through the layers, offering personal insight & contemporary references that often feel well-rooted in modern hip hop.

Alt PopDance PopPopRnBTrip-Hop

While the title is a nod to modern life, the phrasing, the tech, the search for understanding, what you’ll ultimately find within is a country-rock, jazz-piano-soaked classic – an explosion of organic instrumentation, high energy and nostalgia; enough so to take you way back to bar fights and big bands. 

Country RockFunkSwing

It sounds like an intentional anthem to me: full of aspirational language, flourishes of gospel ad-libbing and a choir of supporting voices adding warming colours that bloom into the arrangement as the piece progresses. Come on, America – you’d better do as it says.


The sweet orchestration of the track; the masterful blending of strings and acoustic guitars is reminiscent of singer-songwriters like Boo Hewerdine, erstwhile of The Bible. The percussion elements are a very welcome addition, too – adding a little drive to proceedings – but the major feeling here is one of reflection and contemplation. Dive in and have a soak.