Storming through for less than two minutes, D.Tech’s No Limitations presents an absolute outpouring of lyricism that sees the artists within barely pause to breathe – holding your attention and building upon the intensity right through to the end.


Rarely these days do we get to stumble upon deeply considerate, profound & clever poetry such as that found throughout this album. The lyricism comes reminiscent of centuries old literature & poetic writing. The band create these intense experiences that seem to lift you out of normality or the predictable noise of the modern world.

Progressive RockRock

The whole project is a pleasure to have play for you, feeling new in character & in the way the topics are approached, but also offering that pleasant nostalgic aura that music fans so strongly respond to. 

On Ithenfal’s Wing have their sound & have no issues owning it entirely. Fans of progressive rock or rock with a genuine performance aspect will likely find themselves hypnotised by these songs. 

A two minute smash, taking a world famous sample & fusing it with raw energy, fresh production, and one of his most memorable hooks & underlying concepts yet. It gets better with every listen.