Undoubtedly, Translation is a release that grows more entertaining and immersive as it progresses. This classic and passionate approach to pop is always welcomed when it returns via such an authentic and energetic performance.

Alt PopPop

Voice Of G lays out some classic good vibes on this latest project, driving with delicate and calming instrumentals – partly organic, partly fresh and rhythmic enough to fit well amidst today’s musical landscape. On top of this, the vocal deliveries throughout A.M prove equally peaceful, quietly confident, and more than engaging enough to offer something decidedly refreshing and easy to get into. 


Storming through for less than two minutes, D.Tech’s No Limitations presents an absolute outpouring of lyricism that sees the artists within barely pause to breathe – holding your attention and building upon the intensity right through to the end.


Rarely these days do we get to stumble upon deeply considerate, profound & clever poetry such as that found throughout this album. The lyricism comes reminiscent of centuries old literature & poetic writing. The band create these intense experiences that seem to lift you out of normality or the predictable noise of the modern world.

Progressive RockRock