Bringing through perhaps his most stunning, multi-layered soundscape yet, and fusing this with a quickly addictive, anthem-like vocal line – offering both melody and spoken word in rhythmic, infectious doses – Double Up takes hold from the offset; and refuses to let go until the journey is over.

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Brilliantly nostalgic, industrially crafted, rhythmically engaging and just theatrical enough to hold attention and keep the energy rightfully high. A passionate and cleverly written piece of modern hip hop. Listen loud.

Hip Hop

Knowing precisely the building blocks required to build a career in music, D.Tech releases just enough new material to keep things evolving, yet always the tracks appear at a blissfully professional level. Undertones is his latest offering, and far from the exception.

Hip Hop

Crafted to a pristine quality, seeing a select few layers rain down with warmth & rhythmic embrace, Greene is the perfectly addictive boost hip hop fans often seek out to get them geared up & ready to take on the day.

Hip Hop

From the unique and multi-coloured layers of the beat, to the unpredictably high-octane verses, Rula balances delicacy with detail, intensity with calm confidence, and holds tight to your attention every step of the way.

Hip Hop

Undoubtedly, Translation is a release that grows more entertaining and immersive as it progresses. This classic and passionate approach to pop is always welcomed when it returns via such an authentic and energetic performance.

Alt PopPop

Voice Of G lays out some classic good vibes on this latest project, driving with delicate and calming instrumentals – partly organic, partly fresh and rhythmic enough to fit well amidst today’s musical landscape. On top of this, the vocal deliveries throughout A.M prove equally peaceful, quietly confident, and more than engaging enough to offer something decidedly refreshing and easy to get into.