Where the experimental aspect has given the piece character and allowed it to stand out, those essential musical building blocks within present a clear knowledge of what works in composition, so there just as many addictive and satisfying riffs and flickers of colour as there are instances of the unexpected. 


The band prompt their audience to open their minds, and the music paves the way for this really well. Every Human is an exciting EP and one that highlights Jaenki as a name to look out for over the coming months and years.

Alt PopEDMTrip-Hop

Ajak Krak takes listeners down a vintage pathway of vinyl crackles and gentle jazz ambiance with this latest release. More than that though, the song’s specific intention pours through lyrically on top of the soundscape, creating an unexpected yet notably artistic contrast that’s surprisingly captivating to listen to.

Emo RapHip-HopTrip-Hop

The very concept of Balance is represented in every possible way on this track. Intensity is balanced with peacefulness, optimism is balanced with realness, melody is balanced with rap and rhythm. And all the while, the whole thing continues to rain down in an entrancing fashion.


Consequences is a smooth yet dark RnB track with an indie edge and some superb production. Grassett and LUURK alike bring an expressive and professional approach to the project, and the music is all the more immersive as a result.


Cerulean is a two-track collection, a short journey through peacefulness with a resounding sense of depth and consideration about it. The title piece is as quiet as it is overwhelming – to listen at volume is to let these layers and details really wash over you in a subtly powerful manner.