Ashley Left Last Night is far from a musically intrusive song, but it gets to you – that bass-line, the high notes in the hook, the switch from the single word to the longer-form line afterwards – it weaves its way into your consciousness for sure


You’re likely to appreciate Alden as the artist rather than simply the musician. In the way that alternative bands from a decade or two ago would take the time to build something expressive & meaningful, whatever the topic or cause, Alden has gone in for this same level of creativity.


Electric Drama have created a blissfully calming soundscape with this latest single Coincidence – one within which the delicately dark & deeply thoughtful melodic outpouring weaves an effective pathway of escapism around you. 


We’ve a whole lot of exciting new music to check out as 2016 takes shape, so we’ll start as we mean to go on; a genuinely unique and compelling two-track release from Chicago based four piece band The Daisy Heaves. The songs are Ilona and Alice. Here’s what we liked about them. It was a real delight to hear the quiet explosion that takes place … Continued