Featuring a certain finely-tuned balance between smooth production and a clean, clear recording style, Smoke sets the mood with ease and feels all at once nostalgic and brilliantly fresh.

PopRnBSoulSoul Pop

The songwriter’s clever use of color & imagery to reflect on deeper feelings & topics regarding life itself is beautiful, and the production & performance throughout reflect this depth & contemplation in a bold, immersive way.


Being a two-time cancer survivor himself, the very topic of the song and video is something that clearly connects on a profound level, and the heartfelt nature of the writing underlines this connection in a powerful way.

Hip HopPopRnB

Producer Phantum aims high and hits the mark once again with this new single featuring Rwrxero. Introducing a simple yet summertime-ready soundscape, Phantum weaves around listeners a mildly tropical, mellow groove and aura, with a fine collection of delicate layers that meander skillfully around the rhythmic vocal line from Rwrxero. At its core, With Me … Continued