By manner of a beautifully emotive, solo-piano lead, Jennifer Jess weaves a soundscape and story around listeners that poetically and intimately connect for their deeply truthful, personal and revealing nature.


Prior to the release of his brand new album The Past (Romanticized), we were gifted the opportunity to talk in depth with long-time songwriter and artist D.K. Lyons. We discuss the new project, his journey so far as a musician, developing guitar skills, the effects of the pandemic, and plenty more. Here’s how it went. … Continued

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There are enough disparate rhythms, unexpected melodic developments and snatched moments of character that help set Dream Catcher apart from a lot of its rivals. It feels authentic and McMillan sells it well.


Forever may be a complex piece, but it flows by in an effortless swathe of colour and skill. It doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there, and yet also sounds familiar. Now that’s a tricky balance to strike, and deserves some recognition.

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Perhaps one of their most simple yet subsequently memorable, recognizable singles to date, The Keymakers impress as ever but cross over into beautifully uplifting new realms with this powerful release.

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