Less important than the genre these days is the songwriting and what you put into it – how much of yourself you allow the music to present, how well structured it is, how easily it connects and entertains or lets an audience escape. You get a good balance of all of this with Cleaned Out. 

Folk RockPopPop PunkPop-Rock

DeeZire are a duo with voices designed for precisely the kind of smooth and soulful RnB vibes presented on this single. All Night Long is a gorgeously ambient track with a classically warm aura and some likable levels of nostalgia – the sort that easily take you somewhere calm and comforted. 


Junior’s single Love Is Gone is one that swiftly evolves from simple pop to outstanding soul-rock within a few short minutes. Where the verses have a certain delicacy about them, a quietness even, the hook pours through as this completely unexpected moment of brightness – a choir of voices, a multi-layered rock soundscape, and a wonderful reminder of acts such as Queen and Prince alike – a fine fusion of royalty. 


The soundscape itself loops out & around you as a soothing constant – that riff, that subtle sense of rhythm, that voice; all of it connects in a masterful yet natural way. Fusing poetry with personal reflections on life, the lyrics captivate & offer a fine balance between individual truth and a more widely accessible feeling of isolation or being lost.


There’s familiarity in the way the whole thing pours through. There’s not a common set-up, it doesn’t feel verse-chorus-like, it just emerges and moves along like an ambient hip hop loop; adding further to that laid back, calming energy. 


KC Sisters harmonize beautifully on this refreshing take on The Marvelettes 1960’s classic Please Mr. Postman. It’s a pleasure to hear this song again after so long, especially when it’s been given such a light and lovely makeover.


LA-based duo Elizabritz somehow bring smoother vibes than ever with this latest single Durant Ave. More than that in fact, there’s a blissfully nostalgic and natural flow to this track that takes you back and calms you in a totally genuine way.