DeeCiii leads with a laid-back sense of rhythm and optimism on this latest single, offering up the blissful good vibes of a delicately crafted soundscape, along with a string of calming vocals and a clear sense of intention and character.


What works well about the completed piece is the way the music builds and builds throughout – beginning with a simple, piano-led moment of purity, rising up into the full embrace of dance as certain playful instrumental breaks pave the way.


Mi Amor is a quickly entrancing, calming piece of music, with a complex, long-form melody line that allows the singer to express freely and to showcase the best of his abilities in a natural way.


As an introduction to Starchild, the song does a fine job of offering something new, professionally crafted, creative, and easy to connect with. That fusion of sadness and positivity is addictive, making fans of the track highly likely to return again and again to experience it.

Alt PopPopTrip-Hop

Released in honor of 2019’s Earth Day, Midas is a beautiful ode to a planet that holds so much wonder and magic. At the same time, it’s a mildly chaotic walk through a history of greed and pain – these conflicting concepts are represented cleverly, through lyrics and musical unpredictability alike. The soundscape feels partly hopeful, partly unsettling – skillful production lets these qualities rightfully walk hand in hand.

Alt PopElectro PopPopSongwriter

Sean Austin’s latest single lights up the room with a quickly uplifting melody, a musically bright soundscape, and an underlying concept designed to inspire and motivate.