This album presents audiences with hit after hit after indie anthem, loaded with equal parts delicacy and weight, weaving around you colourful riffs and melodies and lyrical concepts, all honest and genuine sounding.


It’s a grower, for sure – intriguing at first but genuinely enjoyable & refreshing the more involved you get. The album is well worth a look – the further into it you get, the more of a fan you become. Impressive, original songwriting. 

Alt PopPopPop-Rock

Roxxa Nova has undoubtedly found a sound of her own with this single. The song offers multiple moments of musical strength – unique & colourful flickers of soul & emotion that pave the way effectively for the story-line & personality that follow. 


Elmont are back this summer with the perfect pop-rock single, bringing you that nostalgic aura along with a fresh touch of optimism & good vibes for the months ahead.