At just 14 years of age, Houston-based artist and rapper Luclover is already aiming high and hitting the mark as impressively as his peers. Her Loss makes for a fine introduction to his work, and a further step higher in terms of his successes and the name he’s building for himself within the scene. Featuring … Continued

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Alden Groves knows how to craft something that washes over you like a wave of colour but impresses and provokes thought in the same instance. Sway is something of a creative masterpiece for this genre right now.

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This whole track utilizes both theme and language to build something consistently relevant and interesting – whilst also holding onto that necessary style and confidence to keep it rooted amidst today’s sound.

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The darkness of the artwork for this release is effectively suggestive of both its content and the unexpected balance TripLip has achieved in walking the line between hip hop and electronic rock. From a distance, you may think heavy metal is about to pour through, but then you focus on the faces, then the beat … Continued

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Both tracks are anthem-like by nature, both completely unique from one-another, yet still underlying that lyrical prowess and ever-evolving flow that runs throughout his work.

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Beautifully fusing a well-known, riff-led ambiance with a smooth yet raspy, light vocal delivery, walking the line between indie-pop and hip hop, Shy Troy is quick to leave an impression with this latest release.

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Fusing a thoughtful and passionate hip hop core with a brilliantly unexpected soul-rock structure and sample, the track is nothing like you’d predict it to be, yet it’s everything you could hope for in an original, alternative and addictive song.

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As a producer, speakea­ŁčŁy describes his music as ‘angsty millennial type beats’. Perhaps this is the perfect way to define his approach, but there’s far more to the sound and experience of this project than a simple four-word phrase can express. Depth and substance play a huge part, lyrically and in terms of the emotion and mood that each soundscape presents you with.

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