The Stone MG’s have exemplified the grip of addiction on this latest single, and what a song – perfectly highlighting the conflict addicts experience between the sweet lure of their chosen vice & the freedom of walking away.


The bass, the vocals, the soul, the rhythm – everything just works in the way that you’d hope this genre would. The band offer a clear love for & connection to the music they make, which in turn creates something you can rely upon & turn to whenever you need it.

Electro PopFunk

As far as pop songs go, this is precisely the kind of piece you could expect to hear on various mainstream radio stations – the familiarity, the memorable nature of the hook, the concept and this underlying idea of togetherness; it all breathes life and optimism into the scene.


A band who seemed poised on the cusp of super-stardom before things fell apart in the late 1970’s – they sound invigorated by another turn at getting their music out there.