Emotive acoustic vibes start up this melodic emo-rap and pop fusion single from a devoted and genuine P Myerz. Blending layers of colour and electro-pop intricacies with a contemporary rap vocal line and simple hook melody, Carousel proves an intimate display of loving reflection and vulnerability. It’s a modern love song, in short – familiar … Continued

Alt PopEmo RapHip HopPop

Creatively bringing together retro gamer tones and deeply emotive writing, intertwined amidst a rising energy rhythm and soundscape that further the overall artistic appeal – watchman gets colourful and profound, with the wonderfully genre-fusing NVM!

Alt PopEmo RapHip HopProducer

Heavy electronic production meets with equally effected vocals of an emotive, purposeful storyline for contrasting impact – rapper and artist Favour Abel injects a fresh degree of intention and hypnotic musicality into the modern hip hop scene. Structurally unique for its progression from artistic and soulful to gritty and informative, Adam & Eve utilises the … Continued

Emo RapHip HopTrap

Melodically catchy from the outset, KREWZ blends the sound of the contemporary trap scene with dreamy production and an intimate, rhythmic vocal style that quickly impresses.

Emo RapHip HopTrap