Immediately contrasting softly reverb-kissed guitar with punk-pop-like, high energy vocal call-outs, Yesterday goes on to bring in elements of emo-rap & contemporary pop alike throughout its deeply intimate, honest portrayal of love.

Emo RapPop

Crisp and contemporary vocal production allows D.Tech’s lead on this latest single to really embrace and energize as it makes its way through this decidedly personal, intimate new story-line.

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Fast-rising creative artist Rico Sixx injects a fresh artistic flavour into contemporary hip hop and alt-pop with this brand new project Desire. Kicking into gear with a fearlessly acoustic, upfront and intimate Alive, the project introduces a musicality and sense of character that prove refreshingly honest and authentic. Everything from the tone to the varied … Continued

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Introducing the artist as a deeply thoughtful story-teller, the style offers plenty in the way of honesty & originality, yet also holds close to the vocally effected, smooth production styles of the contemporary scene.

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