The aptly titled project seems partly like an audio book on occasion, the music merely supports and enhances the underlying ideas presented by the conversations and spoken word segments within. As things progress, the band’s creativity and connection to the metal genre grows more and more apparent.

Hard RockMetal

A fourteen-track collection of absolute classics – smooth and colourful beats, thoughtful ideas, addictive rhythms, impressive flows and endless levels of personality and depth. Sit back and turn it up loud.


The Gonetcha sound as it stands today is easy to spot – there’s plenty of individuality in the approach, and just enough familiarity to really appeal to the indie-rock outcasts who crave that original, authentic aura. 


Hard work and passion fuse with talent to get the most artistic and interesting results. Earleybird has his own style and consistently pushes forward with that and with essential drive and intent – and this is still just the beginning.


An increasingly impressive band. The live show is undoubtedly where things would really connect, but in terms of seeking out that album or playlist within which you can immerse yourself and feel involved in something, perhaps even understood; this collection is everything you could hope for.

AmericanaBlues RockGrungeRock

There’s a firmly rooted street or gangster rap vibe to this album from Malripken – both the soundscape and the lyrical performances alike offer that gritty, intense and energetic aura that was the peak of the genre throughout the nineties.