Boasting over a million plays across nearly two-dozen original singles, LA-based Joseph Rutakangwa has carved out an impressive niche within modern music, the likes of Avani and I Am Meant For you building further upon a naturally distinct and evocative style.

For the new release, Joseph returns to the poetic reflections and optimism of his earliest work, and in the process gifts listeners a feeling of positivity, self-belief, and lasting calm.

Folk PopPopSongwriterSoul Pop

Fragments of voice and melody light up the outer edges of this relentless and euphoric rhythm, distortion playing its part for that wholly enveloping power of sound, and structure too weighing in for a crucial dynamic; which helps shine light on the unique nuances of Robot Sunrise all the more so.

DanceEDMHouseProducerTrip Hop

Produced by xjaelunax and featuring Simona’s unmistakably beautiful vocals, meandering through these quiet folk-pop verse-lines towards the uplift and colour of the hook, Vacant feels like a classic fusion of indie alternative and radio-ready pop.


An outright dance anthem with a welcomed twist of creative identity, Breathe makes fine use of long-form retro synth melodies and lyrical poetry all at once – a combination gifted all the more poignant humanity thanks to the clearly emotive rasp and devotion of our leading vocalist.