Howl! offer such honest ideas & even vulnerabilities, as well as reflections on life, love, and everything in between – all while continuously impressing musically & vocally. The sound is everything it needs to be, and a live show would almost certainly prove unforgettable for contemporary & classic rock fans alike.

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This isn’t purely about the singer, or the songwriter, or the musicians at work – this is about the artists and the audience alike. This is a shared moment of calm, of complexity simplified, and everything from the overly colourful yet smooth presentation to the lyrics and the vocal delivery works well to represent this at every step.


What works well about the completed piece is the way the music builds and builds throughout – beginning with a simple, piano-led moment of purity, rising up into the full embrace of dance as certain playful instrumental breaks pave the way.


The very idea of Loved You So is that of conflict or contrast – the verses deal with turmoil and anger, they drive with cursing and resentment, whereas the hook resolves and juxtaposes this in a mighty way; with the sheer, inescapable power of love and the control it can have over us.


Lunar is not afraid to stop and start within a composition, to pause entirely, to redirect the listener at any given moment – so long as it’s an integral part of the concept and the journey.

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The relationship & the descriptive nature of the lyrics at the heart of the song shout out for positivity & hold close to a blissful view of the world. As a modern day love song, it’s refreshing – classic yet new, poetic & accessible, and surprisingly (refreshingly) upbeat – the perfect contemporary country single to be shared between lovers. 


There’s a clear love story being told within the lyrics, also portrayed well through Alex’s singing. The emotion in his voice is relatable. We’ve all been in a place where we’ve been thinking about that one person in the most chaotic or socially ​inappropriate of times.