Sky’s is a simple song in nature, a few key elements help give it a definite sense of character, and that’s all that’s really needed. There’s a calming pulse about the whole thing, a minimalist beat and a few lyrical ideas breathe in and out of the mix – like waves lapping up at the shore.


Blue Eyes is an upcoming collaborative album from Justin Don and Big Juicy. The artists join forces to offer up half an hour of ambient, rhythmic hip hop – dreamlike soundscapes meet with relentless vocal flows, and story-lines that paint clear and compelling scenes around you.


Carry On shows us that positivity and hope don’t have to be these soft, tender things that are only talked about in more approachable pop tunes, but that they can serve an integral purpose in hip-hop as well.  


Koinz does his own thing but holds close to the factors that first inspired an interest in the art-form, and David Blaine speaks volumes for that approach. A quality track that we’ll likely be hearing a fair bit of over the coming weeks and months.


Sleep Pills seeks to let the artist feel understood, but at the same time – it reaches out to understand those who live in a similar way; those who consistently burn the candle at both ends. It works well in this respect, becoming the kind of alternative anthem to make isolation feel less unsettling.