Underneath the colourful exterior though is an artist with a conscious approach to rap and something heartfelt to talk about, and that’s what you begin to appreciate when you let the track play and you really, fully listen. 


The now unmistakable sound of 3mind Blight offers a hint of classic Eminem-style story-telling with this single Another Life. Another impressive, fascinating and brilliantly produced release from the Oklahoma based artist and songwriter. 


Simple creative touches can be perfect as long as the sentiment & subject matter is being expressed in a genuine way. There’s a peacefulness to the music and a passionate energy to the vocal performance, creating a striking contrast that lets the message really sink in. 

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Adonis Butler & MIIKØ’s return is always something to look forward to. In this case, The Comedown leans in a deeply mellow direction – a smooth beat and an equally easy-going string of vocals make for a calming few minutes that feel freshly rooted in today’s sound. 


Blaze by Joe Gang is a powerful, beautiful, and deep cutting endeavor into a level of emotion seldom discussed in the rap and hip hop genres. The title itself a poignant reference to both smoking and the attitude of complete emotional withdrawal.