The ever-poetic wordsmith Bricen Mac returns this summer with perhaps his most heartfelt & openly appreciative release yet. Directly addressing his father, presenting the song as a gift & a thank you, Dear Father brings back that quietly confident vocal tone, amidst a smooth & ballad-like, piano-led backdrop.

Hip-HopSpoken Word

The very concept of balance, of needing to find that in order to achieve peace and to re-connect with those who matter, is something rarely pondered in modern hip hop; or music in general. This song goes against the grain in many ways, not throwing blame or leading with guilt, just keeping things honest.


In terms of genre, New Realms (that title is probably a clue!) is borrowing from all over the place. As well as the influences I’ve already mentioned, there is something of Ulrich Schnauss-era Engineers about the overall effect of the EP. It’s rich, imaginative, compelling and intriguing. It’s hard to imagine higher praise than this.


Awe hits so many sweet spots during its run time, it’s genuinely difficult not to keep hitting repeat as a reviewer. This makes me think real attention has been paid to the arrangement – there’s never a dull moment – and right up to the end, new colours are used to draw us in sonically. Great stuff!


Producer Samuel crafts a blissfully uplifting new playlist for music fans to escape within. Showcasing superb creativity, impressive musicianship, and stunning soundscape design on the whole, Sax and the City kicks into gear with the gorgeous good vibes of In My Head, and refuses to fall below par for the extent of its 13-track playlist.

BoombapChillbopHip-HopJazz CafeNew JazzProducer

A colourful and fairly classic hip hop vibe meets with an uplifting and melodic soundscape, decidedly and intentionally retro, reminiscent of the nineties, and creating precisely those beach-side vibes and the rhythmic embrace designed to get you feeling good.


D’Antre impresses with smooth yet softly raspy vocals and a selection of engaging melodies on this latest album. Beginning with the poetic and expressive Last Night, the project involves the listener from the offset, whilst also proving deeply personal and intimate in nature – walking the line effectively between exclusivity and accessibility.


Lil Dream collaborates with an array of producers and artists on this latest EP, driving with an immediately colourful musicality, and a clear sense of good vibes and rhythm.