Broke’s message is elegantly communicated here, and the smart production and mixing makes the aspirational-lifestyle cage a highly polished and attractive one.

Hip HopPopTrap

SC’s brand new release Shock Combat HD emerges as the deluxe version of the album, complete with 21 original tracks and mixes, each once a further testament to the style and skill of the artist.

Hip Hop

Fresh from the brand new album, blissful piano work meets with classic nineties synth and vocal layers, and the whole thing is brought to life by the unmistakable confidence and energy of Georgia’s POPMFS.

Hip Hop

Not only is the soundscape uniquely original, balancing that classic bounce with a live-sound that would undoubtedly translate awesomely to the stage, but Johnny JC showcases himself as a quickly likable, faultless performer & lyricist.

Hip Hop

Impressively creative, professional & hard hitting. It doesn’t simply adhere to a single genre or rule, it presents a versatile artist, with an intention to speak the truth, and to revel in a clear, unwavering love for music in all of its forms.

Hip Hop

Riding the wave of contemporary, topical music making, Jace Heyman stylishly blends a simple and infectious hook melody, with a familiar concept, a clean and calming soundscape, and an unexpected tumble of subtle reggae rhythms for this brand new single.

DancehallHip HopPopReggaeRnB

Fusing the delicacy of a warming synth-soaked backdrop, with an equally gentle, nearly whispered, intimate vocal line, the song blends melody and rap in a simple, stylish and subtly infectious way.

Hip HopPopRnB