As an introduction to Starchild, the song does a fine job of offering something new, professionally crafted, creative, and easy to connect with. That fusion of sadness and positivity is addictive, making fans of the track highly likely to return again and again to experience it.

Alt PopPopTrip-Hop

Im14 offers up two straight minutes of alternative edge and artistry with this latest release. Wow That’s Deep is fairly certain to be unlike anything else you’ll have heard lately, and yet with that there are definitely some accessibly familiar and strangely comforting aspects that provide a sense of comfort. 

Alt PopTrip-Hop

Released in honor of 2019’s Earth Day, Midas is a beautiful ode to a planet that holds so much wonder and magic. At the same time, it’s a mildly chaotic walk through a history of greed and pain – these conflicting concepts are represented cleverly, through lyrics and musical unpredictability alike. The soundscape feels partly hopeful, partly unsettling – skillful production lets these qualities rightfully walk hand in hand.

Alt PopElectro PopPopSongwriter

Immy talks of his demons and being kept awake all night, presenting flickers of detail and further intimacy as the story unravels, but all the while there’s a sense of positivity to the sound and the chord progression – even to his vocal delivery.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

California’s Little Sister leads with a finely polished indie-pop set-up on this single, presenting a few distinct riffs, a notable drum-pattern, and a softly whispered vocal melody that somehow cuts through the weight and rhythm surrounding it to drive with intention and purpose.

Alt PopIndie-PopShoegaze

While there are dashes of recognizable, contemporary hip hop in the vocal effects and the beat, this considerate core seems to stand taller than that, so from the offset you get an image of LA$ka as fairly poetic and more of a deep thinker than most. 

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

Nikol Star has a sound that feels relevant to today’s world of hip hop and RnB crossovers, but it’s also a sound and style that could well build up a collection of songs easily recognisable as unique and loaded with specific personality. You know the tone once you’ve heard it, and that makes a big difference.

Alt PopHip-HopProducerRnB