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Clean Cut Kid – Runaway

“With the world in your head lights, set your sights higher than the moon.” Something beautifully fresh that we recently stumbled upon. Securely placed…

Paddy O'Hare, Music Reviews, Music Blog, Manchester,

Paddy O’Hare – Billy Jean

In keeping with our frequent discussions around the concept of Real Music, we take a little look today at a brilliantly talented musician and songwriter based in…

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Courtyards – Disarray

An immensely impressive debut from a stand out band, hailing from the UK’s very own Burnley. It’s refreshing to hear another new act from…

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John Dhali – Cigarette

A quick look at a musician who recently released a pretty mind-blowing Samsara Session, we were instantly hooked. John Dhali is based in Newcastle; UK…

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