No Hugs is a stand-out single from the young artist, a track that follows a hip hop beat and a mildly dance-hall, beach-side riff section, seeing a story of the complicated side of love at war with that which purely seeks a little fun.

Hip HopTrap

From optimism to struggle, doubt to progression, darkness to light, the music fuses simple yet ambient soundscapes, with classically mellow hip hop beats, soulful hooks, and a mighty and characterful vocal-lead that meanders throughout various impressive flows as each story pours through.


OLGA takes listeners through the regrets and mistakes of a past relationship with the retro groove and unwavering honesty of Go Easy On Me.


Contrary to the title of this EP, the music that pours through from the moment you click play is so smooth and loaded with good vibes, that it contrasts powerfully with the depth and emotional honesty that Dan Psycho injects into his bars.

Hip Hop