Unafraid to showcase both vulnerability and sheer self-confidence, Special Feeling reflects upon the juxtaposing emotions that make up much of a creative’s life. There’s the insecurity and openness required to connect, and then there’s the unapologetic desire and drive to be noticed.


Built around a quirky and spacious riff, with fiercely versatile vocals, Monsters presents a notably personal yet also broadly relatable account of the negative thoughts and self-scorn that often consumes us.


Built upon a softly evolving soundscape of delicate fragments and a shifting beat, the song captivates for Ole’s poetic and intimate reflections on life and love united. The voice is a key aspect in holding attention well, and while the song is something of a slow-burner, that’s purely to say that it begins as a lovely listen, and progresses to become quite stunning.

Dream PopElectro PopFolk PopSongwriter

Creativity on top form – a song that masters the space between the comfortingly familiar and the outright unexpected. Artist and performer Lauralie drives with cascading layers of melody and mystique, throughout this revealing yet modest ode to an unnamed subject of admiration.

AcousticFolk PopPopSongwriter

An established indie creative, supporting the release of this latest album with a biographical e-book entitled Metaphysical Sherpa: Misunderstood Mystic, Meditative Animal brings a sound that’s somewhere between the likes of Bob Dylan, Rusted Root, and The Rolling Stones. But ultimately, it’s a style that’s quick to become a thing of its own.

AcousticAlternativeBluesBlues FolkBlues RockFolk RockPsych-FolkSongwriter