The raw stomp of Folk Rock and expressively raspy vocals enchant from the outset, as Germany’s Mino Chelly pours his heart and artistry, into It.

A captivating single and video, seemingly personal but also accessibly vague in its poetic exploration of seeking escapism from the inevitable hammer of time.


The new single Time and Money brings together a somewhat nostalgic RnB verse melody, with dreamy production and equally ethereal vocals, to elevate that passionate conviction and heartfelt lyricism as ever, but to deliver an ultimately unique take on his reflective style.

Dream PopPopRnBSongwriter

Underling hints of influence from the likes of Bowie in certain vocal tremors and inflections, alongside an otherwise folk-pop writing style akin to The Beatles, Toxicon utilizes classic doo-wop vocal harmonies and colourful keys riffs, to maintain a sense of bounce and beauty that’s consistent with the lyrical reflections.

Folk PopPopSongwriter