Pretend You finely captures the essence of existing somewhere between the familiar and the unknown – a quality apparent in both style and topic. The folk-esque freedom is refreshing, the guitar-play is stunning – and all the more impressive for its humble placing in the mix – and the songwriting is genuinely original.

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“I’d choose Leonardo Da Vinci. I’ve always loved Renaissance history and Virgin of the Rocks is one of my favorite paintings. I’ve studied his life in great detail. In fact, a few years ago I attempted to learn how to read sheet music from that time period so that I could sample the requiem that was hidden in ‘The Last Supper’.”

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Deeply atmospheric trip-hop production meets with breathy and soulful vocals, for an RnB-fusion single that’s as evocative as it is mood-setting and ultimately uplifting. Vironnica delivers a seductive and catchy anthem of longing to connect, for the poetic and immersive Mirage.

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Form the EP The Futurists, Time Flies marks a fine introduction to Popgang, a retro bass-line and ethereal guitar setting the foundation for a Damon Albarn-like vocal to softly blend expressive sentiments and references with a clear sense of character and heart.

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The vocal style is unmistakable as Guccibenx once you’ve listened to even just a handful of releases, this meeting of professional production and freestyle, dissonant vocal outpouring is a clear identity trait, and Someone combines this approach with a catchy hook for that essential twist of memorable resolve.

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Vancouver songwriter and long-time performer Jonathon Goldie recently released his evocative new single Dark and Blue. We caught an interview to find out more about the song, his journey so far as an independent musician, and plenty more.

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