An interesting hybrid that’s halfway between Panic at the Disco and something much more prog-y, with proper and very grown-up playing, Thinking Clear is an episodic delight, with an awful lot of elements that could easily crossover to please an awful lot of people.

Alt PopPop PunkPop Rock

Leading with a quickly engaging, trip-hop-kissed soundscape, and a beautifully expressive, confidently flawless yet characterful leading voice, the balance between style & natural emotion is immense; a huge part of what makes High such a rightfully addictive track.

Alt PopPopRnBTrip Hop

Fusing a simple yet addictive string riff, with a contemporary beat and a doubled-vocal line that digs deep into personal relations and reflections on life – RianMusic’s The One is a uniquely recognisable song that quickly leaves its mark.

Alt PopElectro PopPop