Florida’s Zach Ryan Haller, known to the scene as ZRH, aims high this year with the launch of his exotic album Shirtless. From this, the single Rendezvous showcases the limitless creativity of the ZRH sound – a unique take on English-language reggaeton, built out of collaboration with Spanish composer Alex English.

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Structurally uninhibited by industry expectation, the song follows a single verse melody line throughout the extent of its 4.5 minute lifespan – an ode to Faith repeating and looping, just two notes across seven syllables, consistently grounding an otherwise unpredictable and boldly diverse production.

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“Fun fact, my mother (for some reason) held headphones with music playing to her stomach when she was pregnant with me. I pretty much have been involved with music my whole life. My father plays instruments in his different Latin bands so since an infant, I always would play for example the drums with him just as a way to bond. “

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