Freak sets out to be declamatory and certain, with human guitars and a questing vocal performance. There’s something of Simon Le Bon’s melodic choice about the whole affair; a New Romantic sense of panache amidst the grooving to help set the 21st century alight!

AlternativeIndie RockRock

The opening and title-track from the new Twin Lakes album In The Valley is a softly stunning, acoustic offering – one that quickly engages, energizes, and entrances listeners with its organic folk purity and captivating use of poetic story-telling.


Leading with a retro electronic warmth that tips its hat to trip hop and the late Mac Miller alike, R. Choppa’s Animal Behavior is a project with a creative set of soundscapes and a quickly recognisable, identity-loaded string of vocal performances.

Hip Hop

Always the drums and the guitars cascade in a refreshing and genuinely creative yet raw manner, which appeals for its realness, and reminds you that a live show is undoubtedly where things would really come alive.