It’s always commendable when artists put in the consistent effort & attentiveness to complete a full length project like this. There’s so much more to relate to & to get lost within on an album, as opposed to a shorter EP or single.


For a soundscape made up primarily of voices & a uniquely thick, organic big beat, Shadows Fade is a surprisingly atmospheric piece of music & writing that’s an easy joy to listen to.


Sam Xhri6 is an artist whose sound fits beautifully into the modern RnB-pop-fusion world as well as offering a distinct level of character & freshness that really helps this latest single shine brightly.


Rather than appearing as a simple performance over a beat, there’s a subtle feeling of these two aspects working in unison, so you get a confident & smooth vibe from it all. Dexxin does what he does & makes certain you hear it. 


Make A Scene strikes with the concept & melody required to make certain it lingers in your mind. The sound is still his, it stays true to his creative desires, but the whole process has been cranked up a few notches & the progression pays off.