Creatively intertwining lo-fi guitar pop with long-form RnB vocals and poetic, appreciative lyrics, Oisín impresses with a fine fusion of professionalism and passion, for the infectious new single Summer.


The serene and soothing fusion of breathy vocals and smooth keys and production, allows for a sweetly seductive sound, as RnB songwriter and artist Khalil Amaru delivers the intimate and impressively catchy love song I’ll Be Yours.

PopRnBSoul Pop

New music from jazz instrumentalist Messiah’el Bey comes in the form of a deeply heartfelt and ambitious project.

The boldly-titled Jazz Can Heal America’s Soul begins with a conversation relayed on top of a dramatic movie scene’s audio – a captivating excerpt, which that delves into the tribulations of slaves and quickly connects that to the current struggles of today.


Performatively nostalgic, the song has the anthemic energy and production quality of a nineties power ballad, elevated all the more so by the equally retro dance design of the soundscape. The energy builds, and both Veronica’s delivery and the musical set-up creatively reinforce that evolution.

Dance PopEDMPopRnBSoul Pop

Structurally uninhibited by industry expectation, the song follows a single verse melody line throughout the extent of its 4.5 minute lifespan – an ode to Faith repeating and looping, just two notes across seven syllables, consistently grounding an otherwise unpredictable and boldly diverse production.

Alt PopChristianRnBSoul Pop

“This album is most certainly unorthodox in most aspects. It leaves you guessing. It’s not perfect by any means, but that just goes along with life – no one is perfect. It honestly sounds like a bunch of people are featuring, there are a ton of different flows and styles, but rest assured it’s all me.”

Emo RapHip HopPopRapRnB

Stunning vocals and soothing production meet with alluring pop songwriting, as Veronica Largiu delivers an intoxicating and powerful ode to romantic connection, with Baby.