Better Than You speaks on moving forwards and not looking back. There’s a sense of accomplishment in the lyrics and indeed in Angelle’s delivery of them. That vocal has believable swagger about it, meandering effortlessly through these notes but also hitting with impact rather than simply and softly whispering the ideas. 


vladhq ☆ offers everything from strong production to memorable melodies, heart-felt lyrics to captivating visuals, and for all of these reasons and more – the song is a fitting introduction to a driven, dedicated creative.


IAMREBELWILL raises the bar beautifully with this latest release. Showcasing a stunning vocal style from the offset, and a soundscape and performance that gradually and artistically gather momentum and intensity throughout, Til The Sun Comes Down is as smoothly hypnotic as it is hard-hitting and energizing.

Alt PopPopProducerRnBSoul

Sometimes simplicity is key, and Warm Blizzard has this down to a tee on his latest release. Love Me Now fills the room for merely a minute and a half, but really that’s all that’s needed to let this smooth beat and entrancing melody weave their way into your mind.