There’s a certain humility and authenticity to On This Day, which blends wonderfully with the strength of songwriting and the absolute skill and substance of the leading performance. An impressive and likable Christmas single, from an artist clearly worth knowing about as 2023 nears its curtain call.

ChristmasRnBSoulSoul Pop

Deeply atmospheric trip-hop production meets with breathy and soulful vocals, for an RnB-fusion single that’s as evocative as it is mood-setting and ultimately uplifting. Vironnica delivers a seductive and catchy anthem of longing to connect, for the poetic and immersive Mirage.

Alt PopPopRnBSongwriterTrip Hop

Breakthrough RnB singer and songwriter Joy Lewis reignites the multi-layered bounce and creative production of a simpler era, with the uniquely soulful, passionate and colourful single Your Love – The Remix.


The new single Time and Money brings together a somewhat nostalgic RnB verse melody, with dreamy production and equally ethereal vocals, to elevate that passionate conviction and heartfelt lyricism as ever, but to deliver an ultimately unique take on his reflective style.

Dream PopPopRnBSongwriter