You trudge through snow quicker than you answer their questions. It’s commendable, not an insult; everyone’s usually in such a rush to explain themselves. You’re a one off. The rest of us; we never consider, of the people we encounter throughout our day, that maybe we misunderstood them. And yet, we consistently believe, that people … Continued

This could come in the form of a list, but it would never end. It could come in the form of a rant, but it would be somewhat pointless. People should be able to enjoy singing – if you enjoy it, do it. If you make a living from it; fair play. It’s best if … Continued

What the song meant to you when you wrote it, what it felt like when you sang it, what it means to you now; when time has passed and your thoughts have moved forward. Did the song you wrote survive the journey? Did the you who wrote it? Maybe some songs aren’t personal. People write … Continued

It’s a question that answers itself, in my opinion, but sometimes it takes a little kick up the arse to highlight the difference between knowing what you should do, and actually doing it. In the age of the internet – free videos, free downloads, free and easy to connect with any and all of your … Continued

People talk about the power of music; how it can change your day, heal your heart, mend your broken soul. It’s true. So true in fact, that we become addicted to music that works for us. We obsess over it, we don’t feel calm without it. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or … Continued