Whether you yourself have lived with autism as an adult, are a parent embarking upon a journey helping your child enter adult life with autism, or even just for those with an interest in the topic and indeed the compassion to want to understand all who share the world, Adulting With Autism is a diamond of a podcast, with the potential to impact millions of people across the globe.

Award-winning documentary producer and dog lover Jason Connell, and master dog trainer and Zen Dog Training Founder Gordon Fontaine bring over twenty years of experience to the dog training realm, and this focused and heartfelt podcast emerges with clarity, professionalism, and a clear passion for animal care.

Introducing a refreshingly honest and genuine take on the precise intricacies of dermatology and plastic surgery. If you’re one of the many millions who are increasingly thinking about cosmetic procedures, or if you’re about to undertake some, the Beyond The Scalpel Podcast will undoubtedly help soothe your nerves and shed some light on exactly what you’re about to experience.

That’s it, folks – The first six months of 2024 are officially behind us, and apparently summer is here?! Stunning music continues to seek out fresh ears. Don’t keep listening to the same old songs – ‘One Hour Wonder’ brings you the very best of the independent realm from all genres. The best songwriting, the … Continued

You’re witnessing a shift in the music landscape as global collaborations are drastically shaping modern music. Artists from every corner of the world are now working together, blending unique sounds and styles, creating music that is delightfully innovative. This exchange of cultural influences is not only revolutionizing the industry but also bridging cultural gaps. But … Continued

PRS has been a huge help for many years for independent artists across the board, and more recently has appeared to go in the opposite direction to many other supporting platforms, by actively seeking ways to enable and support artists as best they can.