Emerging with something of a classic driving rock ballad vibe, Flame is a quickly addictive and familiar piece of music and writing, though with a notably poetic back-bone that lays out a series of detailed images and scenes that perfectly suit the emotion and energy of the music.

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Lost Paradise presents an indie-rock & slightly Brit-pop-inspired soundscape – cascading guitar riffs, a raw drum line, a boy-next-door vocal. Then you get the lyrics, and this long-form, consistently developing melody, which puts me in mind of Freddie Mercury.

Indie RockRock

‘You’ll never get your hooks in me,’ sings Huff. That may be so, but these tunes have ensnared me from the outset. It’s mainly the obvious joy at their creation, and the opportunity to show off their wares that has got me so enthusiastic. Fantastic!

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