Love Ghost are a young band who already seem to have mastered the art of writing a great song. Their latest release, Mr Blue, is one that skillfully fuses addictive riffs, high energy, and superb melodies – resulting in a song that feels fresh yet stylistically rooted in the rock sounds of a simpler time.

GrungePop PunkPop-RockRock

The song doesn’t seek to divide further or to exclude anyone, instead it speaks of similarities, and it talks of the negative impact of feeding the fire – resolving again with the idea of us heading towards a bleak future unless everyone takes steps towards something better.

Alt RockRock

The entire album feels like a breath of fresh air that’s been inspired by some of the best songwriters of the past few decades.


It’s not all that often anymore that you come across a thoroughly refreshing, original sounding indie act that leads with impressively unique yet humble songwriting. Enter ABOUTMEEMO, an indie artist with a sound that’s quickly recognizable as being his.