“From my onstage vantage point, it was a beautifully organized chaos that seemed to have no end in site, but Redman was down for every minute of it. It felt like one big happy family at the end of the night, and nothing but love resonated through the building.”

Jesse talks about financial freedom and the necessary climb through various failures in order to get there. His openness is fairly unique right now, and that makes this all the more endearing yet still motivational for the side-hustlers looking to get ahead. 

The more you write, the closer you get to writing that one song that really reaches out. Whether you see this task as purely for fun, or something to genuinely help you escape your songwriting hiatus & build a lasting, enjoyable habit – here are 100 songwriting prompts & ideas to play around with.

The Public Therapy Podcast is a sort of therapy for the listeners and the show’s hosts all at once. Both Chris & Rae introduce themselves with quickly likable personalities, which makes whatever they choose to discuss become an unexpected interest. A pleasure to stumble upon and a refreshing look at real life that’s increasingly valuable in today’s society.

Each story manages to captivate thanks to the host’s calm and concise delivery, and the fact that many of these stories might not be that familiar to the average listener. You learn from the show, the stories are inspiring, often shocking, always fascinating.