Two female Combat Veterans make their way through various topics relating to their experiences in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and indeed in their daily life experiences; utilizing both realness and humor to maintain a healthy balance between intensity and optimism.

EliElyah hosts an independent podcast that offers first hand experiences and advice for the aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives out there who want to climb higher within their chosen industries.

Jeff’s questions and his calmness fuse well to create a fascinating and perhaps less common style of conversation – often turning down refreshing pathways; some creative, some personal.

We jumped head-first into the overflowing world of indie hip hop to select for you only the very best of the best. Hip Hop – The Re-Awakening – Over six hours of independent rap artists currently working hard at their craft.

Untimely Podcast is a new independent podcast that deals with various recent or historical events that ultimately resulted in death & destruction. The show’s host presents with a matter-of-fact yet delicately descriptive style, holding your interest in a natural way, and drawing necessary attention to these tragedies – so that listeners leave with a sense of awareness, understanding, and gratitude.

Metaphysical & spiritual topics ranging from dreams to angels to connecting with your Higher Self. * * * The Down To Earth Spirituality Podcast is one that directly addresses and involves the listener in a welcoming and comforting fashion. It deals with the very topics implied by the title and indeed by the name of … Continued