I’ve been there & it is indeed Hard to be Sad in Nashville, even with heartbreak in the rear-view. The song begins with the titular lyrics paired with deep drums & bright acoustic strings, all alongside a stumbling electric guitar – a country-rock fusion of expectation & desperation.


Dmachi’s single will fill you up for three and a half blissful minutes, until the music drains away – leaving you wistfully wanting more. Prepare for a seductive ear shower amidst this artist’s unique blend of gospel dance pop; no umbrella necessary.

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop

New Beat Fund creates something new with this surf hip-pop (my name for this blend) sunny track Surf Style. The single depicts the southern California four-piece in a distinct & quite colorful class of the their own.


Mikaydo produces a banging yet charming original rap adjacent to a nostalgia-inducing ear-worm, making this the perfect song to smoke something purple to (or green I guess) and not drive anywhere. Just listen to this track & imagine you’re in L.A.


The introduction’s sparkling mix fades into violin strings, oscillating between high & low – hope & despair. The sweet simplicity calls back beginnings, a sort of naive angst present in any childhood (the elation to grow tinged with the fear of obscurity).


Thoughtful words summon everyone to rise up from the depths of possessive & negative emotion, bolstering the idea that humans can indeed master their wild lions of passion. One can decide to swim in the dark & blame others for their emotional anguish, or Rise Up.