Refusing to simply celebrate the wins and pretend everything will be easy, Quest For Dough takes a realistic, authentic approach, laying bare the struggles and bumps in the road as much so as the successes and the moments that helped elevate the whole experience.

Hosted by a nurse and a bodybuilder, the field is open to everyone. Ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things every single day. Here we get to witness their stories, and hear their genuine, actionable life advice that isn’t thwarted by fame or excess of finance.

From sexuality and relationships, to tech bigwigs, drinking, and all of the best unpredictable news stories of late, The Short News Podcast feels like a cross between a diary reading and a comedic, rant-like monologue designed for the stage.

If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship, progression and self-development, business building, branding – this is the place to be. A genuine show, with equal parts emotional and factual building blocks.