Utilising a unique keyboard voice throughout that sounds simultaneously spooky and as if it has been recorded/created underwater, On Ya Mark is a smart and fast-moving slice of savvy pop.


Fresh, raw, uncompromising, honest, intelligent and focused, Knocks really delivers. It’s a visceral, entertaining delight, packaged with a whip-smart video and attitude in spades.


A huge thank you to 2018 & B.D.U.B for the absolute classic that is The Lone Wolf Theory EP. Relighting the energy & freshness of original hip-hop – the realness, the story telling, the character, the space, the colour, the creativity – this project has it all.

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This is something really special, particularly for hip hop or conscious rap fans. The music has the delicacy of carefully crafted, creative trip-hop, and Bluff as a performer & rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you, and to open your mind.