Far from a simple arrangement of tracks, Saint’s Black Sheep is a project that encapsulates its underlying intentions in a hard-hitting, theatrical manner, from start to finish.

Hip Hop

Tipping its hat to contemporary sound design and classic pop alike, Agu Vibes’ single Compromised is a pristine, well-crafted hit, which leads with blissful instrumentation and a powerful melodic progression united.


An easily addictive little anthem, Emotions is a complex and heartfelt song, which resolves perfectly well with a hook that quickly and long-lastingly injects its melody into your consciousness.


Yung Myth has written a classic here, seamlessly uniting elements of dance-hall, hip hop and pop in a refreshingly optimistic, addictive and slightly nineties-RnB or garage-like manner.

Hip Hop

luvvvnomore has the kind of smart & sharp delivery & performance style that breathes confidence & self-awareness into the room. No quirks or filler necessary, the bars do the work as the soundscape softly envelops.

Hip Hop